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HillTan Tanning Products

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Lotion Comparison

Australian Gold vs 7Suns

Australian Gold HOT!

No tingle, no bronzer - accelerator with Aloe Vera, Omega Oils and Herbal extracts to help moisturise skin and protect against fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful complexion.

7Suns Velvet Tan

No tingle, no bronzer - accelerator with natural oils, antioxidants and vitamins combined with CoQ10 complex helps firm skin and fight against lines and wrinkles, while keeping skin moisturised.


Australian Gold Cheeky Brown

No tingle, natural bronzer, - accelerator with natural bronzer such as henna, contains Biosine complex to help keep skin soft and smooth.

7Suns: Tan & Glory

No tingle, natural bronzer - accelerator with natural bronzers such as cocoa extract. Enriched with Royal Honey, Super Moist and Seaweed complexes for soft yet radiant skin. Also contains Tattoo Saver complex - keeps them clearer and/or brighter for longer.


Australian Gold Deviously Black

No tingle, DHA bronzer - accelerator with DHA bronzer, contains hemp seed oil to condition skin for a radiant glow.

7Suns Prom Queen

No tingle, DHA bronzer - accelerator with DHA bronzer, just like deviously black, contains hemp seed oil to condition skin and also contains Skin Firming and Energy complexes for smooth, moisturised skin.


Australian Gold Force of Nature

No tingle, natural bronzers - accelerator with natural bronzer, contains MetamorphaSkin Comples which nourishes dry and dull skin. Enrished with ColourGuard to keep tattoos vibrant.

7Suns Tan Idol

No tingle, natural bronzer - accelerator with natural bronzer, enriched with hemp seed and argan oil, contains Skin Firming, CoQ10 and Seaweed complex to firm and smooth dry skin, Tattoo Saver complex protects even the most colourful artwork.


Australian Gold Bronze Elements

No tingle, natural bronzer - accelerator containing natural bronzer, bio-active bronzing minerals including silver rejuvenate skin whilst soothing at the same time.

7Suns American Glamour

No tingle, natural bronzer - accelerator with natural bronzer, contains exotic extracts such as argan oil and Monoi de Tahiti, impressive anti-aging effects.


Australian Gold Pure Heat

Tingle, no bronzer - tingle accelerator containing hemp seed oil to moisturise skin, and Tyrosine for a golden glow.

7Suns So...HOT!

Tingle, minimal DHA bronzer - tingle accelerator containing low amount of DHA bronzer, Aloe Vera and hydro-balance technology ensure optimal hydration while Smooth&Tight with Seaweed complex firms skin and rejuvenates elasticity.


Australian Gold Rapid Tanning Intensifier

No tingle, no bronzer - accelerator containing aloe, shea butter, tea tree oil and olive oil to moisturise and protect skin, Vitasom complex aids healthy cell regeneration.

7Suns Tantric

No tingle, no bronzer - accelerator containing combination of Biotan formula, antioxidants and natural extracts (such as nut oils) enriched with Energy Spirit complex to restore skins radiance, also contains Monoi de Tahiti for deep nourishment and silky smotth skin


Australian Gold Bronze Accelerator

No tingle, natural bronzer - accelerator with natural bronzer, Biosine complex nourishes and moisturises to keep skin hydrated, also contains vitamins A and E for healthy, bronzed skin.

7Suns Posh!

No tingle, natural bronzer - accelerator with natural bronzer, contains Biotan formula for intense colour, Energy Spirit and Hydro-balance technology ensure optimum skin hydration.


Australian Gold Eye Candy

No tingle, DHA bronzer - accelerator with DHA bronzer, contains caffeine which firms skin and gives dark results.

7Suns Jet Black

No tingle, DHA bronzer - accelerator with DHA bronzer, contains Saiko Youth formula which improves skin condition and prevents photoaging, supports regeneration process thanks to argan oil and the True Beauty Blend.

TINGLES - How does it work?

Tingle products deliver a warming, reddening effect on the skin as well as a tingling sensation. Tingles increase the skin cells' microcirculation and oxygenation to produce deeper, darker tanning results. 

These types of lotion are for experienced tanners and are not recommend for individuals with sensitive skin. 

These are also effective on hard-to-tan areas such as legs. 

Extra care should be taken when handling children and pets after applying a tingle lotion, as the reddening effect could be transferred to skin even hours after use. For this reason, it is advised to wash hands after application of a tingle product to reduce the risk of transfer, however please note that there is still a likelihood of transfer even after washing.

Not to be applied onto the face or sensitive skin.

Test patching is mandatory.


For first time users, skin patch tests are mandatory. 

If you have tanned several times before and would like to try a tingle, please apply to a small area of skin on a pulse point such as the wrist of inside of the elbow before a full body application. Apply your usual tanning lotion to the rest of your body. The effects of this type of lotion are different for everybody and can be a shock the first time they are used due to the reddening and tingle effect.


You should not use a tingle lotion on your face. 

The skin on the face has a much finer texture and a vast amount of tiny capillaries. As tingle lotions stimulate blood flow, these blood vessels could expand so quickly that they break, causing permanent red marks on the face. 

Most other lotions can be applied to the face, however we recommend using a non-scented lotion or a product designed specifically for the face. 

Natural or Immediate Bronzers

Immediate bronzers use natural based extracts to provide immediate colour that lasts 1-2 days. 

Examples of natural bronzers include Black Walnut Shell Extract and Caramel. These are considered cosmetic bronzers as they add additional colour to the skin, much like cosmetic make-up.

Delayed Bronzers (DHA)

These use a self-tanning agent, DHA, to deepen colour. Erythrulose is often used in conjunction with DHA. Both DHA and Erythrulose are sugar cane extracts which chemically darken the proteins in the skin. The colour from this bronzer typically lasts 4-7 days and can be seen to develop within 2-4 hours of application. 

Hand washing is required with the use of DHA tanning lotions and it is best not to shower for at least 4 hours after application, as the bronzer needs time to develop.

Melanin Enhancing Bronzers (Tan Activated & DermaDark®)

These bronzers break tradition with an advantageous twist of a self-tanning product based on the stimulation of melanin biosynthesis. 

Tan Activated - Bronzers in this range help you to reach your own natural, darkest bronze. This technology can only be activated when exposed to UV light. 

DermaDark - As this technology does not rely on UV light to stimulate the melanin in your skin, this is a great choice of bronzer for people with fair skin

These are streak free and do not wash off the skin because the colour is a natural tan of the skin.

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